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Rival Racing Alloy Team


Rival Racing Alloy Team is the most technologically advanced BMX race frame available in today's BMX race market.

Rival's Alloy Team combines cutting edge aerodynamics, Advanced tube forming methods and second to none quality manufacture to produce the best BMX racing frame money can buy.

Fluid dynamic testing showing air disturbance and vortexes.

VAFT stands for Rival Racing Virtual Aero Foil Technology.


VAFT is the culmination of hundreds of hours of design and testing to produce a more aerodynamic and efficient race frame.


In this modern day and age of BMX racing, BMX tracks and jumps are now bigger than ever.  Rival Racing realised the importance of aerodynamics a BMX frame too not only increase maximum speed but also rider safety.

Individual tubing tests to optimize aerodynamic properties

VAFT takes advantage of the natural characteristics of the wind as it passes over the tubing.
Rival Racing studied and assessed these natural characteristics at varying speeds and angles to create more efficient tubing shapes.
VAFT flat edge tubing shape creates a virtual aerofoil as the wind passes over the tubing shape allowing our frame to pass through the wind with more ease and speed.
VAFT not only gives you a faster BMX frame but a safer one, reducing the side profile and drag in high winds.  With todays BMX tracks getting bigger and crazier than ever Rival Racing Alloy Team provides confidence and speed
to compete against the worlds fastest BMX riders.

Direct Drive Technology is Rival Racing’s proprietry system to creat a stiff and more responsive frame that allows more power
to be delivered to the rear wheel


Direct Drive encompasses the bottom bracket and seat tube junctions where most of the pedal forces are focussed.

Rival has studied the flex motion applied by pedal force and adjusted our tubing and bracing around these sections to drastically reduce flex and twist under pedal load.


The end result is a stiffer and more efficient frame that will accelerate faster and better, while handling the massive pedal forces  applied by todays fastest BMX racers.

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