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NEW Rival Racing Alloy White Team Frame
  • NEW Rival Racing Alloy White Team Frame

    Rival Racing Alloy Team is the most technologically advanced BMX race frame available to todays top riders.


    If your looking for an advantage or just want to take your racing to the next level.  The Rival Racing Alloy Team frame can get you to the top spot on the podium.


    Rival Racing frames are produced from hydroformed 6061 T6 heat treated aluminium.  This process allows Rival Racing to produce tubing shapes that work with our V.A.F.T system while offering unparrelled stiffness for acceleration.


    After years of development and feedback from our elite factory team we realized that todays top riders needed not only a stiff and light frame but also something that would offer an advantage over the competition.




    V.A.F.T was created to give riders a frame that caterd to the ever increasing demands that todays super cross tracks place on the rider.

    V.A.F.T Virtual Aero Foil Technology tubing offers the rider and aerodynamic advantage for more speed off the start hill and great control when jumping in the wind.


    Combine this with our race proven geometry and our direct drive system and you have the most advanced frame available today.


    Take your racing to the next level and get your Rival Racing Alloy Team Frame. The podium awaits.


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